Festival of working sports
— 19 июля 2010 года команда Обособленного подразделения в г. Сорочинске приняла участие в «Фестивале рабочего спорта» - первом общегородском празднике спорта. Спортсмены ООО «ЛАЙСАН» выступили в...... Подробно
— In September 2010, the management of LAYSAN LLC took part in the Forum of TNK-BP suppliers/contractors in Moscow. As one of the largest consumers on the Russian market of goods and services, TNK-BP aims to expand the pool of potential suppliers and contractors. The Forum became a site for direct conversation...... Подробно

Quality management


1-2-page-002 2-2-page-001The Quality Management Policy of the Company is aimed at the exhaustive satisfaction of Customers’ requirements to the products and services.

In order to implement the Quality Management Policy, we successfully carry out the following objectives:

1. Production of high quality products with guaranteed maintenance that meet respective customers’ requirements and regulatory requirements to products in full;

2. Improvement of product and process quality;

3. Interaction with consumers to detail their requirements and guarantee the increased satisfaction with products produced;

4. Sustaining a positive brand image of a reliable supplier that produces products of high quality guaranteed;