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— 19 июля 2010 года команда Обособленного подразделения в г. Сорочинске приняла участие в «Фестивале рабочего спорта» - первом общегородском празднике спорта. Спортсмены ООО «ЛАЙСАН» выступили в...... Подробно
— In September 2010, the management of LAYSAN LLC took part in the Forum of TNK-BP suppliers/contractors in Moscow. As one of the largest consumers on the Russian market of goods and services, TNK-BP aims to expand the pool of potential suppliers and contractors. The Forum became a site for direct conversation...... Подробно


OOO LAISAN was established in Tver on October 18, 2001. Record number of incorporation into the Uniform State Register of Enterprises is No OKPO 00883732.
Objects of the Company:

  • Provision of oil and gas enterprises with material and technical resources;

  • Production and wholesaling of chemical agents and products;

  • Rendering services for the corrosion protection of downhole equipment and flow lines;

  • External economic activities that include trade with chemical reagents.

The first customer from oil and gas companies was OAO Udmurtneft NK SIDANKO in 2003. During 3-year cooperation we achieved goods results in the reduction of flow lines failures due to corrosion (see Feedback). These results have been highly marked by British Petroleum experts – shareholders of NK SIDANKO. The same services have been provided by AOA LUKOIL-Volgogradneftegaz and continue up to the present day. In the same year an analytic testing laboratory has been set up which after re-equipment undergoes certification and accreditation. Due to re-equipment, the testing laboratory can synthesize new chemical entities to create unique formulations in order to adjust chemical reagents to the specific operational conditions at the oil and gas facilities.

Starting from 2005, OOO LAISAN proceeded with the examination of specialties, laboratory testing of chemical reagents and collecting of initial data on the facilities of OAO Orenburgneft and from 2006 it participated in the pilot project for Integrated Chemical Reagents Control System (ICRCS) .
The concept of ICRCS comprises solving of problems arising out of exploration, transportation, processing and delivery of oil using chemical reagents in order to cut current and capital costs with maximum efficiency on the principle of “from a bottom hole to the custody transfer facility”.

During the period of 2007-2008 года OOO LAISAN provided services for integrated inhibiting against corrosion of flow lines of OAO RN-Samaraneftegaz. The results on the reduction in equipment failures due to corrosion are reflected in the Feedback of the Customer (see Feedback).
During 2008, OOO LAISAN provided the same services for integrated inhibiting against corrosion of flow lines to OAO RN-Stavropolneftegaz.

From 2007 up to the present, OOO LAISAN has been rendering services for corrosion monitoring to OAO TNK-Nyagan.

Since 2007, a separate subdivision has been set up in the town of Sorochinsk, Orenburg Region, to provide services to OAO Orenburgneft (Buzulukneft Field Office, Sorochinskneft Field Office, Buguruslanneft Field Office), where the project for integrated corrosion inhibiting has been successfully implemented for 3 years (see Feedback). A chemical laboratory is operating at the same place where one may perform all kinds of analysis on corrosion monitoring and testing of oil samples against asphalt, resin, and paraffin deposits and viscous emulsions, de-emulsification.

In addition, a new contract type “Integration” has been implemented at the facilities of Sorochinskneft Field Office for the second year. It comprises protection of flow lines against internal and external corrosion. The concept of such approach involves a single responsibility of the Contractor for the outcome (failures) of the following package of measures:

  • Integrated corrosion inhibiting;

  • Corrosion monitoring;

  • Malfunction diagnostic of a linear part of flow lines to localize defective segments followed by replacement of rejected and most critical spools;

  • Maintenance of electrochemical corrosion protection facilities (CPS and protectors);

  • Malfunction diagnostic of CPS for improved performance and increased protective effect;

  • Analytics for continuous improvements.

Today OOO LAISAN is a young team which is capable to resolve all solutions and challenges pertaining to the chemical technologies from the assessment of Customer’s troubles, selection of efficient chemical reagents and technologies, tests support to service delivery and engineering support.