Festival of working sports
— 19 июля 2010 года команда Обособленного подразделения в г. Сорочинске приняла участие в «Фестивале рабочего спорта» - первом общегородском празднике спорта. Спортсмены ООО «ЛАЙСАН» выступили в...... Подробно
— In September 2010, the management of LAYSAN LLC took part in the Forum of TNK-BP suppliers/contractors in Moscow. As one of the largest consumers on the Russian market of goods and services, TNK-BP aims to expand the pool of potential suppliers and contractors. The Forum became a site for direct conversation...... Подробно


Our mission is to successfully resolve technological problems and improve efficiency of our partners based on the accumulated experience and pursuing innovative products and technologies.


  • Long-term partnership relations with Customers;

  • Provision of chemical agents and services to protect from complications in the process of extraction, transportation and preparation of downhole equipment, oil-field equipment and flow lines;

  • Cushioning of risks and reaping the benefit of a Customer.

Our corporate values include personnel, reputation, accumulation of experience and development of knowledge, partnership, commitment to safety and environment protection.